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DevCoins, Javascript, MongoDB, and More

Howdy Dev Friends! I hope you had an excellent easter weekend

In this edition of DevDojo Weekly we have posts on MongoDB, Data Structures, Problem Solving and more! We also have some news about our new cryptocurrency DevCoin

But first, a developer comic to put a smile on your face

Starting a New Project

Find more Dev Jokes and Humor by visiting the DevDojo Fun Section

The DevCoin

In a previous newsletter that we mentioned that we'll be releasing our own CryptoToken called DevCoin, the first part of rolling this out is that we will be paying our weekly winners in DevCoin, learn more about those details here So Exciting!

DevDojo Pro

Available to the next 10 users, try out DevDojo Pro for only $5 using coupon code DD122021XKCDRM. This coupon code is available for the first 10 users, so act now As a Pro user we are going to enable new ways for you to earn DevCoins including weekly AirDrops

Now, let's hop into last weeks winners.

April (Week 3) Winners

Below are the posts that we hand-selected as last weeks winners

How to use Mongoose with Next.js for MongoDB

Structures in C

Getting Started with Index signatures

How to disable right-click on your website

Problem-solving techniques to avoid yelling at your computer

Create a post on the DevDojo next week for a chance to win an easy $10. Read the full details here.

That's all peeps

That's all for this week. I hope you all have a super fabulous and productive week ahead

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Hope to see you around.

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